1. Regular Veterinary Exams and Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth: Your vet can help spot symptoms and treat problems with your dog's teeth before they become serious. Regular check-ups, along with regularly cleaning your dog's teeth will ensure oral hygiene is at its best.

  2. Dog Dental Care Treats: Feed your four-legged friend specially designed dog treats for oral care, such as GREENIESTM Dental Chews. These treats are clinically proven to reduce tartar on dog's teeth and promote healthy dog gums.

  3. Avoid Feeding Your Dog Table Scraps: Your dog may love table scraps, but human food can increase the build-up of dog plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth.

And remember: Giving your dog a GREENIESTM Dental Chew each day is a great way to promote their oral health.

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There's no pet treat quite like
GREENIESTM Dental Treats

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Developed with vets for dental care

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Helps reduce plaque & tartar build up

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Helps freshen breath

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